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I have decided to start doing a limited number of reviews and interviews on my blog. Following are the policies for reviews and interviews.

Review policies

  • 1. I only review genre fiction. My main interests are fantasy and science fiction, though I will consider horror and mystery as well.
  • 2. I only accept kindle or pdf versions of books.
  • 3. I read on my own timeframe.
  • 4. If I cannot agree to review your book, I'll email you and let you know and give you reasons.
  • 5. My reviews are honest. I guarantee no rating. My intention when I review is to give possible readers enough information that they can make an informed choice about whether to explore the book further.
  • 6. If I cannot give you a 3 - 5 star reviews, I will not post a review, however, I will write you an email detailing my reasons in the hope that you can use some or all of my constructive criticism moving forward.
  • 7. I am not one of those "I only give out a handful of 5 star reviews because 5 means perfection." I've never cared for those people.
  • 8. I will post reviews to my blog, Amazon and Goodreads. On request I can put them other places as well.
  • 9. Hostility will result in a discontinuation of all communication and removal of any review.
  • 10. I absolutely do NOT trade reviews. Ever. If you decide you want to read one of my books, that's awesome, but I will never enter into an agreement of a review for a review.

Here is how I decide whether to review a book or not:

  • 1. You send me an email request with a link to the book on Amazon. Send this email to on.the.dreamside@gmail.com and put "[review request] Title of your book" in the subject line. If you don't do this it might get lost in my inbox. Feel free to include other links you think I might find interesting (pertaining to your novel, of course :D )
  • 2. I go look at the Amazon page, read the blurb and sample the book on the page. I'll probably visit any other links you give me.
  • 3. If I'm intrigued I'll download the longer sample.
  • 4. If I'm still interested, I'll add it to the list of books I'm going to read and ask you to send a kindle or pdf copy of your book.
  • 5. I'll notify you either way.

Here is an extremely rough description of what my ratings would mean:

  • 5 stars -- a book that I can enthusiastically recommend to other readers, I really enjoyed and/or I was sad to see end.
  • 4 stars -- a book that I can recommend to readers that are interested in specifics about the book. I.E. "If you enjoy Urban Fantasy with a romantic twist, then this book is for you!""
  • 3 stars -- a book that I feel lukewarm about. Has some value but also some flaws.
  • lower -- has some serious flaws. Again, if I get to this point I'll send you an email detailing my reasoning and will NOT publish a review. I'm not in the business of slapping authors around.


If you are interested in being interviewed and you're an author just end me an email to on.the.dreamside@gmail.com with [interview request] in the subject line. List some links so I can go look at what you've written, who you are, etc.


I review honestly. I don't review tons of things--this is something I'm doing on the side. I'm always looking for new things to review. There might be a medium to long wait for a review or interview depending on my workload and number of things on my list already.

I am not running a publicity service and while I will tweet that a new interview or review is on my blog, it will be up to you to spread the word to your own readers or prospective readers.